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RE/MAX Tech Overview

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Activate Booj Website

1 Hour


Agent ReBoot is a virtual refresher training built specifically for RE/MAX Agents.

Agent ReBoot

Agent ReBoot


Agent ReBoot is a one-on-one virtual refresher course on RE/MAX Tech & Tools to help agents optimize their knowledge and expand their brand in the marketplace. Over the last two years, RE/MAX LLC has launched new tools and technology within that many agents are not familiar with nor even aware of their existence. Your brokers may not even be educated on the new products to help their agents utilize such tools.


  • Do you know what First is?

  • Have you used Megaphone?

  • Is your booj website activated yet?

  • Have you visited the new Marketplace?

  • How to upgrade my booj website?

  • Where can I find RE/MAX News to post on social media?

  • What is Design Center?

  • How can I use RE/MAX HUSTLE to promote my business?


If you don't know the answers to these questions, you need an AGENT REBOOT.

What Do I Get With An Agent ReBoot?

  • A 1-hour one-on-one virtual meeting

  • RE/MAX technology overview

  • Updating of the agent's profile

  • Activation of the agent's booj website

  • Agent ReBoot reference guide 

  • Free social media content plan

  • Free video/blog ideas

  • Discount code to printing services 

  • & more

How Does It Work?

An agent must fill out the Agent ReBoot form in its entirety. Once we have verified the agent has completed the form we will send you payment details. An Agent ReBoot can be paid for by the Broker or the Agent via Credit Card* or Venmo and must be paid in full. After payment is received, the agent will receive an email with a few time slots to choose from.

If none of the time slots meet the agents' schedule, the agent can reply with a few other times that meet their schedule and we can try our best to accommodate. Once both parties agree on a scheduled time, we will send out ZOOM meeting credentials. The agent must know his/her log-in credentials ( email address and password) in order to conduct an Agent ReBoot.

Our Mission

Is to expedite the agent learning curve and utilize tools to help the agent grow their brand, generate more leads and focus on what matters most; helping clients buy and sell homes.

PLEASE NOTE: Any Agent that is a "No Show" or does not provide Hospitality Marketing with a written form of cancelation 8 hours prior to the appointment will be charged the full amount of an Agent ReBoot. The agent will have to pay again in order to receive the training they missed. *Hospitality Marketing Inc. is not affiliated with RE/MAX, LLC nor booj and can not provide customer support.*



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