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Helping RE/MAX Agents Gain The Greatest Digital Exposure By Bolstering Their MaxCenter Profiles.

About MAX IT

How Does MAX IT Help Me?

Your MaxCenter Profile is a vital part of your online presence. It feeds into and is displayed throughout the RE/MAX ecosystem of products such as:

  • Your bio, specialties, & designations

  • Update your service areas (where RE/MAX will send you leads from)

  • Your Social media links

  • Your Website links

  • All your relevant contact info

If your MaxCenter profile is not complete, we highly suggest you take advantage of this service. Your MaxCenter feeds into your website, creates your email signature in campaigns in the CRM, and feeds into your Megaphone app. This will give you a better presence on the web and help drive referral fee-free leads into your booj CRM. Your headshot is a vital piece that 'puts a face to the name' and creates recognition.



Which profile do you think is more appealing to a potential buyer or seller? The MAX IT makes your brand easier to connect with. 


ONLY $109

Comparison of profiles

The top is an example of an empty profile. Beneath, is an example of a profile that has been through MAX IT.

MAX IT on a REMAX website

This is an example of how a MAX IT profile displays on an agent profile on

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