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Lead Generation

A Pay Per Lead Program That Is Generating Over Ten Times Return On Investment For Our Clients. Google Local Services Ads For Realtors, By Realty Forte.

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About LSA

What Is Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service Ads allows local service providers the ability to advertise their services to potential customers in specific areas. The primary focus is to generate leads and connect with people who search on Google for a specific service. They are also known as "LSA's."

Qualifying professionals can advertise their services and get leads in the areas they choose.


Make no mistake; this is a lead generation-based product.


Customers can see your business info, reviews and contact you directly. With a Google Screened Badge, customers will know you are a trusted & qualified pro that Google has vetted.

The Benefits

Show Up On Search

Local Service Ads appear above Google search results, so they are more likely to stand out.

Get Buyer & Seller Leads 

Connects you with local customers who are searching for your services, a better quality lead.

Only Pay For Results

You only pay for leads related to your business & services offered.

Google Screened Badge

Gives you instant credibility letting customers know you have been vetted & are trustworthy.

Added To Google Assistant

You are automatically added to Google Assistant Search Index.

(Voice Search)

Pause Your Ad Anytime

Pause your ads anytime giving you full control of your workflow & budget.




The ad spend was from October 1st, 2021 to October 31st, 2021 and based on a $2000 budget.



We generated 29 inbound phone calls and 4inbound messages



We generated 5 active listings for the agent and a few listing appointments.



We generated 7 active buyers who have made or will be making offers on homes.



The client has booked and is actively working with 36% of the leads we have generated. 


$2.2 M

The client has currently closed or is under contract with the listings we generated for over $2.2 million in GCI.

Let REALTY FORTE help you grow your business.

Set-Up &


REALTY FORTE's Google Screened service will build your Local Service Ads profile to get you started on generating inbound phone and message leads. Please understand, lead quantity is not guaranteed by Google, nor Realty Forte, because it is all based off customer query; which is a major factor in the high intent leads for this program.

1. What you will need.

You will need a Google Business Profile, Active Real Estate License, E&O Insurance, Professional Headshot & an Ads Account which we can help set up.

2. Account Set Up

We manage the onboarding process and guide you through the background check, ad setup, geo-targeting, initial bidding structure, and more.

3. Ads Management

Once we have completed the setup process, REALTY FORTE can handle the ads management process of optimizing bid strategy, disputing leads, and updates to vital profile details.

4. Ad Budget

Your ad budget is paid directly to Google to ensure transparent pricing. Set a threshold you feel comfortable spending and your budget will not be exceeded.



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